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Who we are

The Cumbrae Community Development Company (CCDC) is a development trust, based on the Island of Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde, 10 minutes by ferry from Largs. CCDC was established in 2002, after a marsustained period of community-led action resulted in the salvation and sympathetic restoration of a magnificent local building – Garrison House – which is centrally located in the island’s only town of Millport.

The island was a very popular tourist destination during the 50s and 60s serving the people of Glasgow. Tourism and farming remain the main industries on the island today. There has, however, been a steady downturn in the island’s popularity and prosperity, a state of affairs being enthusiastically addressed by CCDC. Cumbrae is also the base for Sport Scotland’s National Water Sports Centre and for Field Studies Centre Millport.

CCDC is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. There are currently ten members of staff and nine volunteer directors involved in the company, and the number of volunteers attached to various sub-groups of the board is growing steadily.


What we do

Garrison House has significant civic, historical and architectural importance. But over the years, the building fell into disrepair, and was very badly damaged by fire in 2001. The local community wanted to redevelop the building, so CCDC was established initially to refurbish Garrison House for the benefit of the whole community and to this end they raised over £5 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund, North Ayrshire Council, Historic Scotland, Argyll and Islands Enterprises and the European Regional Development Fund for refurbishment.

The extensive renovations were completed in 2008 and involved major reconstruction, including the restoration of the 18th century external stonework and the sunken garden designed by the arts and crafts architect, Robert Weir Schultz. The interior of the building has been opened up to create a modern, light and airy space.

Garrison House is now a fully functional building, housing the Museum of the Cumbraes, the library, council offices, a GP surgery and dispensary, meeting space for hire and the Garrison Café. The aim is for CCDC and its associated companies was to become self-financing after five years; the lofty goal has now been achieved.

CCDC, following its success with Garrison House, has successfully expanded its remit and is now working with the community to identify ways forward for the sustainable development of the island through projects and initiatives that will boost the local economy and improve the quality of life of residents.

In 2009, with funding from LEADER (part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP), aimed at promoting economic and community development within rural areas) and in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise and North Ayrshire Council’s Economic Development Services commissioned the writing of The Isle of Cumbrae Development Plan.

The way forward

The Isle of Cumbrae Development Plan has been finalised, and the Board of Directors approved the 2015-2020 strategic plan which seeks to build upon 5 key principles.

The strategic aims are as follows:-

  • To maximise the capacity for social, cultural and economic growth
  • To improve the quality and appeal of the product offering
  • To position the Isle of Cumbrae as a successful destination
  • To develop the Isle of Cumbrae as a leading events destination
  • To maintain and develop our cultural and heritage assets.

In order to implement the various projects emerging from the plan, CCDC has very recently employed a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the island whose primary focus will be the sustainable development of the island as a whole.

Many projects are community led and the CEO will be responsible for working closely with local groups to give business support and steer them through the administrative burden of funding application. The CEO will ALSO project manage as appropriate, leaving the Board of Directors to concentrate on the strategic direction of CCDC.

CCDC secured £400,000 in Town Centre Regeneration Fund money from the Scottish Government, the majority of which was used to create a business centre in the Garrison grounds with meeting and hot-desking space, fully serviced with computer and telephone access.

This facility was fully operational at the end of April 2010 and will provide for greater liaison between local businesses and other agencies such as Business Gateway. The Centre is housed in the former West Lodge in the Garrison grounds, ensuring the Garrison’s standing as an important hub within the community.

CCDC has also taken on the letting and management of nine self-catering accommodation units. Good accommodation, converting day-trippers to overnight tourists is of tremendous importance when developing attractions and events.

More recently, CCDC has partnered with North Ayrshire Council, Scottish Leader and Argyll and Islands Enterprises to develop a new public amenity at West Bay for local sports clubs. The facility was opened in May 2014 with over £68,000 invested in a modern toilets and shower block with all important disabled access.

CCDC has also partnered with North Ayrshire Council to develop the Conservation Area Management Plan (CARS) for Millport which will involve a significant investment in new defining and improving the cultural heritage space for Millport. This project, if successful, in partnership with Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Historic Scotland and North Ayrshire Council’s Economic Development Services, will also assist our independent retailers improve their ambience and attract additional visitors to our retiling offering.

Watch this space!

Contact details

To find out more about Cumbrae Community Development Company please contact:

Michael Bertram – Chief Executive Officer
By telephone: 01475 601 902
By email:

Jan Wilkie – Office Manager
By telephone: 01475 531 381
By email:


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Legal Information

Company Registration No.:

Incorporation Date:
16 Jul 2002

Financial Year End:
31 March

Directors and Secretaries of CCDC

Stephen White | 18 November 2009 to present
Company Secretary

Donald Campbell | 15 November 2017 to present

Deborah Ferris | 26 June 2017 to present

Stewart Kennedy | 15 November 2017 to present

Douglas Kerr | 21 March 2016 to present

Doug Laidlaw | 20 February 2017 to present

Rena McIntyre |15 November 2017 to present

Robert Pringle | 26 June 2017 to present

David Stevenson | 16 February 2015 to present

James Taberner | 26 June 2017 to present

David Williamson | 23 January 2017 to present

Stephen Dobbin | 8 September 2011 to resigned 15 Nov 2017
Chairman and Treasurer

​​Alan Hill | 24 April 2009 to resigned 15 Nov 2017

​Kelly Norton | 28 November 2012 to resigned 19 June 2017

​Scott Watson | 13 June 2016 to resigned 15 Nov 2017

​​Darren McLachlan | 3 October 2016 to resigned 15 Nov 2017

​Bryony McKenzie | 26 June 2017 to resigned 15 Nov 2017

Directors and Secretaries of Garrison House

David Stevenson

Stephen Dobbin

David Williamson

Steven Muir

Directors of Millport Holiday Apartments Ltd.

Stephen Dobbin

Alan Hill