Garrison House Pond Project

Cumbrae Community Development Company (CCDC) would like to formally thank the Common Good Fund (North Ayrshire Council) for granting funds to assist in the cleanup up of the garrison house pond.

On behalf of the Board of Cumbrae Community Development Company, we would like to thank residents and visitors for their patience whilst we undertake these clearing out works.

Mr. Kevin Brown of Bide Developments, Kilmarnock has been working with the CCDC Board for several years now as a Chartered Surveyor and once again is providing his expertise to the Board free of charge.

We need to undertake these works to accurately assess the land underpinning the old pond, before we can redevelop this area and we will also start working on moving the old compost area to a more suitable location early in May 2017.

Over successive years large massive amounts of rubble, rubbish and household dumping have been deposited within the grounds. This rubbish included old fence posts and concrete from the old tennis courts were dumped at the rear of these grounds and found their way into the old ornamental pond; and in effect created a waste dumping area.

We tackled some of this work back in 2016 and this was assisted by a grant from the Kelburn Wind Farm. This is the next phase in improving the garrison grounds.

Michael Bertram
Chief Executive Officer
April 2017.