Millport Moorings Association

43725232_sCCDC were approached earlier this year by North Ayrshire Council to partner in a project with the Isle of Arran. As part of this initiative, council suggested that we form a Millport Moorings committee.

The scope project was discussed with a wide ranging audience at Garrison House boardroom on 3rd July 2015 to outline the offer from North Ayrshire Council.

A follow-up meeting was held on the 22nd July 2015; where we secured the attendance of North Ayrshire Council and Crown Estates to answer questions which were raised at the earlier meeting, which the team could not answer.

The outcome of this follow-up meeting, was that CCDC should continue to pursue this opportunity and form a committee to deal with this and other issues surrounding the inner harbour, the weighbridge station for a possible harbour office and the pier.

Nominations were requested and received to from a committee to act as the project steering committee under the auspices of CCDC.

The committee have met on the 12th of August 2105 to consider the full options, and start to develop the framework for this project and other issues beyond affecting sailing, yachting and boating for Millport.

The meeting was chaired by Michael Bertram (CEO) and assisted by Bob Campbell (CCDC Director); the other members of the newly formed committee’ are Mr Ross Goldie, Mrs Sharon Hagan, Mr Cliff Sawyers, Mr Frank Corcoran, Janice Healy and Jan Wilkie acting as secretariat.

Mr Alex Caldwell was also invited to join the committee to represent the retailers of Millport, who kindly agreed to join the committee.

The members felt that Millport Moorings as name, was to constricting as the committee could grow and represent other mater affecting the harbour and the pier. To this end, the constitution adopted by the Isle of Arran Moorings Committee was felt to be too narrow in definition, and the committee would research other options and await the feedback from the Clyde Moorings Association (who will meet to determine our new moorings on the September 12th 2015).

Watch this space for news as it breaks on these developments.