Ground works at the Garrison House

Garrison House is currently developing a sustainable approach to visitor management, to balance the needs of visitors, communities and conservation to deliver a high quality destination. To enable this ‘vision’ we will from time to time, need to close off certain sections of the grounds to allow contractors space to work safely.

FullSizeRender As part of this Complete Solutions (FM) in conjunction with RTA Plant Hire are conducting extensive groundworks in the areas surrounding the Cumbrae Community Gardens, all weather sports pitch and community drop-in centre, starting Wednesday 19th August. We kindly ask all users of the Garrison Grounds to please observe that we shall have closed off sections in these areas, and not to interfere with the contractors works.

It is imperative that pedestrians do not enter the ‘no access’ zones.

The images included below show the state of the areas concerned on day one and it can be easily seen that this is waste ground and of little use to Garrison House and the local community as well as the progress being made by the ComSol and RTA team.

Cumbrae Community Development Company (CCDC) would also like to formally thank the Kelburn Wind Farm for the funds to start this clean-up project at Garrison House. CCDC received £2,000 towards the clean-up project.

Garrison House was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2001, but the due to funding challenges CCDC could not complete all the improvement in the grounds to create a formal landscaped appearance.

Over successive years large massive amounts of rubble, rubbish and household dumping have been deposited within the grounds. For example: old fence posts and concrete from the old tennis courts were dumped at the rear of these grounds and found their way into the old ornamental pond; and in effect created a waste dumping area. This area, regretfully is adjacent to the community gardens; so we needed to tackle this problem and turn it back into an area of beauty.

CCDC are also grateful to Mr Neil Gallacher of Complete Solutions (FM) for his very generous discounts to use his company earth moving equipment and contractors to create new useable space within the Garrison Grounds. This has allowed us to also tackle several other sections within the grounds that have become overgrown with weeds, brambles and trees stumps.

On behalf of the Board of Cumbrae Community Development Company, we would like to thank residents and visitors for their patience whilst we under these works. We hope that the work will be concluded by the end of September, dependent on the weather conditions and notwithstanding what the contractors will find when they start removing the rubble.

Michael Bertram
Chief Executive Officer